What can data analytics do for my resort?

At a recent industry event, experts were quoted as saying that 32% of ski areas will go under in the next 10 years. Those that will survive are exploring ways at using the data that they already collect on their areas and developing new data collection strategies to take their business to the next level of profit.  The most successful have an army of statisticians, quants, and data scientists employed in their home office, already hard at work on this problem.


At La Neige Analytics, we recognize that not every ski area has the ability to hire an entire army of big data analysts to help with their marketing and business intelligence needs.  Many ski areas may not even realize that they possess a wealth of data that could be analyzed and used to make a profit!  Data collection and analysis strategies do not have to be complicated nor do they have to be expensive.  

But what data do I have?


Most ski areas don't realize how much data they actually have!  Credit card transactions, lift ticket and season pass purchases, ticket scans...all of these can provide unique insights into your customer and their habits and interests.


How many times are you told that you have to explore what people are saying about you on social media?  But that takes time and you have a mountain to run!  Want to see how your guests feel about you in real time?  Tied to a specific marketing campaign?  Over the course of a whole season?  What about looking at where your clients are skiing when and with whom?  The questions that can be answered by your data are limitless!


Profitable ski resorts regularly change and update their data collection and analysis strategies.  And not all ski resorts have the same data needs.  At La Neige Analytics, we pride ourselves in being both experts in data AND skiing.  We can help quickly assess your resort and devise solutions to answer your most pressing questions.

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